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This product is a dual color 444 light cube with a high sensitivity infrared receiver. Remote control, mobile phone Bluetooth control. This kit can be used as an indoor display, music release, etc.
1. With 36 kinds animation
2. With remote control, bluetooth module
Two different colors of LED, Red&Blue
4. Power supply: 5V
5. Size: 8.6×8.6×17.2 cm

Remote function:

A+, B- Key: Three functions: 1. Animation mode, 36 kinds of animation rotation; 2. PWM night light mode (the brightness of the lamp changes with PWM); 3. Spectrum mode
CDH Key: C, D is the up and down curve, H is the music stop, the spectrum mode is invalid
EFG Key: No function.

PCB  1
IC socketDIP40U31
Ceramic capacitor22pC3, C42
Ceramic capacitor104C11
Resistor10KR1, R42
Resistor470RR2, R32
DC socket 5VDC1
White terminal block2PINconnect to power socket1
Bend toggle switch POWER1
Electrolytic capacitor220uf/16VC21
Electrolytic capacitor47uf/16VCp1
Infrared receiverHS0038HS00381
Remote control  1
Colorful LED LED1-LED44
4PIN bending pin header UART1
Dual 2*5*7 square LED  70

Package included:

1 x 3D Light Square Electronic DIY Kit

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